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Faculty Coordinators Duties


■ Discuss departmental Co-op requirements with your student(s).  Inform them to update their C3 Career Express account  Provide student with informational card. After student has established an account, you will receive an email requesting you to approve the student to participate in the program. You will receive reminder emails until you submit an approval or denial. We cannot assist students with the job search process without an approval. If the student is not approve, please contact the student.

■ Inform student to complete the Co-op/Internship Orientation. The orientation is in their C3 Career Express account. They will be enrolled in the course by the Co-op/Internship Office staff.

■ If your student has recently acquired a job related to their major and wish to use itfor Co-op/Intern credit, the students must submit a job description for your approval. The Job Information Form is located in the C3 Career Express database in the Resource Library.

■ If a student is currently working in a position related to their major and wish to use it for Co-op/Intern credit, thestudents must submit a job description with enhanced job duties which can include: special projects, additional duties and/or assignments for your approval.

■ The Center staff will refer all resumes either through the C3 Career Express database or Outlook. All referrals must be submitted through the C3 Career Express database.

■ Coordinators are required to conduct a visitation with the student’s supervisor during the semester either by site visit, phone, or e-mail. During your visitation, ensure that the employer is providing a breadth of practical work experience.  In addition, the employers should provide a progression of increased responsibilities throughout their multiple co-op experiences.   Please remind the supervisors to complete the student evaluations (submitted through emailed link) during your visit.  If the company does not have computer access, please complete and submit the Visitation Report located on the Co-op website following your visit.  Also, during your contacts with employers and alumni, please develop additional Co-op and/or Intern (Applied Learning) opportunities.

■ Check the C3 Career Express database periodically becauseall assignments submitted will be promptly reflected in the database.

■ At the end of the semester, coordinators will need to grade the students’ assignments and make sure all requirements have been met prior to submitting grades.  If you have questions, contact the Co-op Office.

Assignments Required

✓  Co-op Orientation (with score of 85% or above)
✓  Resume
✓  Student Performance Skills Assessment(Student Evaluation)
✓  Time Sheet – Signed by student’s supervisor and Student
✓  Employer Evaluation

Assign appropriate grades based on the quality of the students’ work (employer evaluation), completion of assignments, and any additional departmental assignments if required.   PLEASE DO NOT AWARD A GRADE IF STUDENTS’ ASSIGNMENTS ARE INCOMPLETE.

■ Conduct an exit interviewat the end of the semester to facilitate reflection on practical and theoretical learning gained through their Co-op or Intern (Applied Learning) experience.

■ Share any unique findings or activities with the Center for Career & Co-op staff each semester. This could be something you learned while reading your student’s Performance Skills Assessment while conducting your reflection session, or during your visitations with employers.     

           ■ If you have questions concerning Co-op or Intern issues please contact Gladys Miller, Connie Dirks or Emily Emberton.


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